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Potato Chat&A.TOP Asian Digital Asset Exchange 2020 Strategic Cooperation Announcement
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The application of Blockchain Technology has been rapidly extended to global digital finance, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, social entertainment, payment and settlement, etc. Currently, as the top Digital Asset Exchange and the first Blockchain Technology Application Landing R & D Incubation Center in Asia, A.TOP has the safe and stable technical team with blockchain operating experience, and has a good community service in the Asia Pacific region.

The cooperation with A.TOP Asian Digital Asset Exchange aims to jointly use blockchain encryption technology to serve Potato Chat users of global social platforms, explore digital economic model innovation, and create a new payment social network with privacy security, stable and transparent, and multi-payment application scenarios. This cooperation is committed to providing a new ecosystem of new social and quick payment for hundreds of millions of users in the future, building a new ecosystem that can greatly improve the blockchain application, and building a new social payment platform of encrypting currency usage and investment, and then quickly realize the strategic layout of Potato Chat in the world.

The Board of Directors of PotatoChat has decided to invest 50,000 BTCs in Asian Asset Exchange for the ecological building of Potato global blockchain and the incubation and application research of Potato global payment public chain.

Chairman of Potato Chat
October 25, 2019                    
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